...Or Lessons in Finding Success Even When Reality Stars Get You Fired, Bankruptcy is Declared and You’re Faking It Until You Make It


Photo by Melissa Dunn

Photo by Melissa Dunn

Every day another 20-something moves to the Big City with dreams of being the next “It Girl” in media, fashion, or another glamorous industry. I was no exception, landing in NYC fresh out of school with starry-eyed visions of becoming a big-time entertainment writer. Almost two decades later, I’ve had a successful career that took me from fetching coffee to hanging with celebrities to collecting unemployment to running my own 25-person department—but never followed the exact path I expected.  

Over time, I realized that while being an “It Girl” may sound fabulous, being a “Not So It Girl” is a lot more real. Some years were filled with “pinch me” moments. Other years were so disheartening that I don't know why I didn't move to an island and sell coconuts (which people do and are crazy successful at—I just hate retail and burn easily). My career has spanned print, radio, TV, digital and books, and along the way, I’ve been hired into—and laid off from—more dream jobs than I can count. I’ve hustled at major media brands, worked with bold-faced names and embarrassed myself in front of one too many celebs, bosses, executives and colleagues.

As for the specifics, I started as an intern at Rolling Stone and was one of the original editors of CosmoGIRL!. That's where I learned the entertainment editor ropes—and got my best story about pranking the paparazzi with Anne Hathaway (feel free to ask!). After stints at Us Weekly and Inside TV, I joined Sirius Satellite Radio as a producer/booker. I then went on to work at MTV, GlamourOK!, Seventeen and many more outlets as a consultant and contributor. In my spare time (ha!), I’ve written five books (including my middle-grade novel The Doggy Divas) and try to sound like I know what I'm talking about as a pop culture expert on radio and TV.

And now, I’m telling my stories via my brand and platform, Not So It Girl. I’m here to offer advice and insight. I’m here to empower and commiserate by making career highs, lows and plateaus relatable—and even a bonding experience. I’m reliving my mistakes and triumphs, the utter embarrassment and pure glee of a 20-year career that's reinvented itself so many times, Madonna would be proud—all while you find the advice and support you didn’t even know you needed. Welcome aboard—I hope you enjoy the bumpy ride.