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The great Nora Ephron said, "Everything is copy" and I use those three words as my writing mantra. My career as a journalist and author has been eclectic, diverse and rewarding. If there's one thing I know, it's how to grow a seedling of an idea into a powerful manifesto. I've written for over 30 publications, interviewed hundreds of celebrities and have overseen the editorial voice of many prominent digital sites.

Writing is a deeply personal experience. The art of finding—and telling—your story is different for everyone. No one has lived the same life, no one processes information the same and no one has the same style. If you're overwhelmed, struggling with writer's block or just want a creative guide to keep you on track—I give both adults and teens all the tools they need.

I've interviewed celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Ashton Kutcher for national magazine cover stories. I had the opportunity to dig deep and ask questions that got them to open up and reveal untold stories of their lives. I'll interview you as one tool to find your story.  Next, I'll work with you on finding the confidence you need to go there.

I've looked inward to write deeply personal essays on everything from losing weight to postponing my wedding because of a hurricane. How I write for The Huffington Post is quite different than I would for Glamour or Shape—even if the topics are similar. I've submitted my copy to dozens upon dozens of editors—all with different styles and approaches to the writing process. I've learned to adapt my voice to a vast array of brands and audiences. With my unique background and experience, I can show adults and teens (especially those writing college essays) how to find your voice, work with you on revisions, and serve as the sounding board and editor that every writer needs to succeed.

In-person (NYC/Westchester/Fairfield County) and Skype sessions available.